Woody SA0798 – reserved

Before applying for any of our dogs, please read the information carefully to be sure you chose the right dog for your home and family. Please note that we do not rehome a dog to a household with children under the age of 5 years old.

Age: 6 years
Breed: Sprollie
Location: East Sussex
Minimum Donation: £200

Children: over the age of 11 only
Other Dogs: Yes (Quiet and clam dogs)
Cats: Yes
Other Pets: Yes
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours a day
Behaviour Issues: Please read story below


Woody is a 6 year old Sprollie who came into foster for no fault of his own. He is a very gentle, loyal dog who seeks reassurance from the adults in his foster care. He is nervous,which we think is due to him being attacked as a young dog. He was taken to the vets after the attack and had two puncture wounds to his neck. He is still nervous of other dogs, particularly on lead and can be quite vocal towards them with some teeth baring. However, if he is off lead and they ignore him he is happy to run past them. He doesn’t seek out other dogs to play. Whilst in foster care he has been introduced to other dogs slowly and is trusting them more and more. He is happy to sniff other dogs through a fence or chase a ball next to them. He would possibly live with a calm dog.
Woody’s favourite activity is playing with his ball. He loves walks where he is off lead and able to chase a ball. Woody doesn’t have a nose though, so human enrichment activities are also included in a walk with Woody, as time is spent finding the ball for him when he loses it. In the house, Woody has his snake toy which he loves to play with. He understands “leave it” and this can end the session without too much fuss.
Woody’s recall is good and he will stop and look for you on a walk. He runs ahead and checks back in all the time ensuring that you are with him. He is able to follow basic instructions such as “wait,” “leave it” (near muddy puddles) and “come.” Outdoors though “sit” seems to be too challenging for him, unlike indoors when he will “sit” happily. Even with lots of training on this in foster care he still isn’t managing it, although he will wait at the side of the road to cross. Woody does pull on lead even with a harness. He is starting to understand some heel work but this will need a good deal more training by his new owner.
Woody has been introduced to chickens, small furries, sheep, cows and deer. In all cases, he whimpers and looks for reassurance from his humans. He ignores cats. He loves to chase the trains up and down the garden and it’s comical to watch the chickens watching him doing this.
Woody sleeps downstairs. He was encouraged to sleep in the kitchen, however managed to jump the stairgate to find his way to the sofa in the middle of the night. Woody isn’t crate trained and doesn’t seek out a bed to sleep on. He is happy sleeping on the floor close to the humans.
Woody has been in foster care with an 11 year old child. He is calm and gentle with him and listens to him when he is training him. Woody likes his pack to be together and often says “hello” (in Scooby style) in the morning as each member of the family comes downstairs. Woody would make a lovely family dog who are able to give him all the reassurance he needs, as he is such a human orientated dog. He will be loyal and loving and give as much back as the humans give to him.

Woody is neutered, vaccinated , chipped, wormed and flead and is currently in foster in East Sussex. Adoption is subject to meet and greet, homecheck and adoption donation of £200 Applications via forms here please.

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