Weber SA1274

Age: 22 MONTHS
Breed: cocker
Location: Southport, Merseyside Please be aware you will need to travel twice to this location.
Adoption fee: £250


Other Dogs: Yes
OK as an only dog: Yes but best with another dog
Children: Yes teen plus
Cats: Not tested
Other Pets: Not tested livestock
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours
Behaviour Issues: Food aggression, Guarding, toys, beds etc
Medical Issues: None

Generally, a lovely natured dog. Easily trainable!

Ideally to be rehomed with another dog – a youngish dog who will happily rough play, but who will put him in his place. He loves to be with my 3yo male cocker – often won’t go outside without him.

Will spend ages sniffing round the garden – scent/tracking games are a must!

Needs to be a dog, not a small human, with an experienced spaniel owner.
Needs boundaries in place. Not to ‘own’ the house by being given free roam.

Needs to be with older children – historically has shown aggression to people so needs older children who can help keep his routine.

Needs an active home – agility or canicross and long walks. (Great at Canicross!)

Loves walks – Walks brilliantly to heal on a loose lead when reminded at the start of the walk who is in charge. Will pull if not corrected.
Generally ignores other dogs when on a walk.
Will walk with his nose to the ground, given the chance.

Great with basic commands – sit, down, stay, wait, bed.

Recall isn’t bad in the house. Not great in the garden – as & when he chooses. Not yet tried recall away from the home.

Needs to build up trust before he will comfortably come towards you.

Can be wary of men initially.

Likes his crate – it’s his safe space. Happily sleeps in there with the door closed at night.

Loves a cuddle and a good fuss, but best to be given on your terms and not when he seeks it.

Happy to be left alone in his crate for a few hours. No separation anxiety (have watched and listened on the cctv when we’ve been out).

Eats well – on a raw food diet. No issues with digestion/allergies.
Initially did show some food aggression if he felt threatened. We switch between hand feeding and holding the bowl, making him sit and wait each time after we move it away. Not seen any food aggression for a couple of weeks. Could do with losing maybe a kg.

Likes to play tug games, but we play on our terms. No toys left lying around the house or garden. We get a toy out when it’s playtime.

Stiffens with sudden movements close to him.

Not overly keen on ears being groomed – to begin with, had him on a lead when combing his ears etc. Much improved now. Not yet been to the groomers.

Environmentals seem sound – not seen any issues out of the house.

A happy dog who wants to please and to be loved. However – if you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile. Needs consistency.

Weber is not neutered chipped vaccinated wormed and flead, he will come with a contract to neuter and adoption is subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption fee. Applications via forms section of website please

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