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Please take a moment to read the following article with regards to surrendering your dog to Spaniel Aid:

We are sorry that you are in the position of having to consider finding a new home for your dog. We take dogs into foster for many reasons, circumstances can change and we understand that sometimes this is the best decision for the dog. Change in hours, allergies, an illness or death in the family, being made homeless, the dog biting are just a few examples. 

Before you contact us, here are a few things to consider;

Make sure you have considered all options. If your dog has a medical issue, discuss this with your vet. If your dog has a behavioural issue, firstly get a vet check (for example a dog which starts weeing in the house may have a urine infection) Then consider consulting a good behaviourist. It is important that you choose one who uses only kind methods, your vet may be able to recommend someone. Many issues can be solved or improved with a bit of expert help! 

Do you have a breeder’s contract- any good breeder will have a contract to say they will take a dog back at any point if you cannot keep them.

 If the issue is change in working hours, could you use a dog walker, or doggy day care? These can be options which mean your dog can stay with you.

 Do you have any trusted relatives or friends who would like to take your dog? We are regularly asked to take a dog into foster and make all the arrangements only to be told ‘My Auntie is having the dog’. This is a great result and we would be happy for you all but better to think of this first!

 Please be very wary of advertising your dog online, this is the reason Spaniel Aid began, to try to stop this happening because dogs can end up in very bad hands. Free To Good Home may seem like a good idea, because you want your dog to get a good home, and you aren’t worried about the money, but unscrupulous people look out for these adverts. 

PLEASE DO NOT EVER ABANDON YOUR DOG, you owe it to them to find them a good new home. We will help.

 If you still have to rehome your dog then please complete the surrender request on our website. This helps us when we call for a chat. PLEASE be honest, we need to know the truth about the circumstances so that we can make informed decisions. If your dog has bitten, tell us. Please also tell us of any medical issues, we won’t turn your dog down based on this, we would rather know in advance. Honestly- we won’t be shocked, we have heard it all before. If we know the truth we have the best chance of helping your dog in an appropriate foster home, and that is what we all want! 

We are foster based, all foster and adoptive homes are home checked. We will explain more about how we work when we speak to you.

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