Stanley SA1348

Age: 11 Months
Breed: Sprocker
Location: Assington, Sudbury, Suffolk Please be aware you will need to travel twice to this location.

Other Dogs: In home No. Out Yes
OK as an only dog: Yes
Children: No
Cats: No
Other Pets: No
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours
Behaviour Issues: Shadow chasing, Food aggression, Guarding, toys, beds etc, Nervous
Medical Issues: None

Please read below carefully as this boy needs a specific experienced home x

Stanley is a gorgeously handsome young, black, Sprocker Spaniel, if he was better around children then I would definitely be adopting him as he has so much potential and love. His previous owners had him dna tested and he is half working cocker, a quarter springer spaniel and a quarter field spaniel, he is quite a bit larger than my female springer spaniel, so full of energy and very keen to please once he trusts you.
He was relinquished due to quite serious guarding and aggression, and he has bitten his previous owners while on the sofa with toys, and their cats during feeding time. He was not getting enough exercise or attention, and was left alone and caged for long periods, so developed shadow chasing habits and guarding behaviours.
When he first arrived with me he would not interact at all in the house for several days and was extremely fearful, although out on walkies he has always been full of joy, playful with other dogs, with reasonable recall (I will come to you when I have finished with this very important sniff!), and a very waggy tail and lolling tongue.
During his stay with me his shadow chasing has completely ceased, and I have built a great relationship with him, both out on walks and in the house. I trust him when off lead to be polite but playful to the dogs we meet, and he is extremely wary of strangers and will not run up to them. He thrives on attention, and loves having a job to do such as something to search for. He still has guarding tendencies and I have not allowed him any toys to guard at all, and I have fed him separately from my resident springer girl, as he has had a scuffle with her over treats, although apart from that they have got on fine, and are always wanting to know what the other is up to. He has settled well when left by himself for a couple of hours, I haven’t found him destructive at all, and is 100% toilet trained and will whine and yap at the back foot to be let out when he needs to go. He is also quite partial to a lie in!!!

Stanley is still very worried about children, and while with me he has had no physical interaction with my 10 year old, although he will take treats from her, so he needs to go to a child free home. He takes a long time to build up trust and allow himself to be touched, but once you have that trust he is the most loving dog in the world, and if I didn’t have a child I would definitely be keeping him. He has attacked cats, and although he gets on well with other dogs I think his ideal home would have no other pets but an owner who is experienced with dogs with guarding issues, and who enjoys going for walks with other dog owners so he could play with friends while out and about.

All in all Stanley has so much potential, he is not even 1 year old yet and is just a big untrained puppy, I know he will take a while to warm up to a new owner and so he just needs a bit of time, kindness and patience, but he would be great at agility or just being involved in everyday life and not left by himself and missing out, and when he trusts you he will love you so much!

Stanley is neutered chipped vaccinated wormed and flead and adoption subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption fee. Applications via forms section of website pls

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