Otis SA1359

Age: 5 Years
Breed: Springer
Location: Pillaton, Near Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 Please be aware you will need to travel twice to this location.
Adoption fee: £250


Other Dogs: Yes
OK as an only dog: Yes
Children: Yes
Cats: Not tested
Other Pets:Yes to cows and horses
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours
Behaviour Issues: Mild sep anxiety at first
Medical Issues None

This is what you will get from this beautiful dog Otis –
A really loyal dog.
A dog that loves & wants to be with his humans.
A cuddly dog that shows a lot of affection to humans.
A dog that loves to retrieve his doggy rugby ball. He’s not currently interested in tennis balls.
Fully house trained.
Comes when called ‘Otis come’ and/or 3 whistles, after his initial burst of energetic running wildly at the beginning of the walk. He does this even more so on a new walk, so make sure you are well away from roads/dangers when you let him off the lead. During the walk we constantly call him if he is about to go out of sight & he returns willingly & we praise him lavishly. He is learning quickly & is willing to learn. We haven’t found him to be food oriented so can’t really treat train. But now he’s exercising more he is excited before he is fed twice a day.
I would say he was utterly unfit when he came to us. He now loves two long walks a day, on average, which will continue his regime of losing weight, gaining core strength, agility & fitness. At present he is cumbersome & hampered by his weight & lack of fitness.
Otis is now walking well on a figure of eight lead but you have to be assertive putting it on. He chunters away at the beginning of a walk before the lead comes off. He is generally a really vocal dog, not barking but ‘talking’ to you a lot of the time. We talk back and offer him verbal encouragement.
Sleeps well on his own during the night, alone in the kitchen, not in a crate. He sometimes cries/howls for a few minutes, after we have left him on his own, then he settles.
We have crate trained him to make it easier with my two dogs who are also crate trained.
Travels ok in our van in a crate, isn’t sick but once again is quite vocal at times, chuntering away, as you slow down or stop but we just reassure him.
It is likely Otis will exhibit separation anxiety when you first adopt him, as we have when he first arrived with us.
Hopefully after a week or so, these symptoms of stress panting, circling, crying/howling at bed time and/or when left & needing you to stay with him smoothing him down when he eats, should abate/stop, as they have done with us. But you will need to be patient & be ready to work with him kindly. It will take a bit more time for him to really learn that he will not be left for 9 hours a day with no exercise as was the case for him.
As fosterers we have been with Otis most of the time during the day for two weeks, working with him intensively which we will continue to do until he finds his forever home.
He ignores other dogs & humans on walks & in our garden. However, he has failed to settle with our two dogs in the house as he has had a tendency to dominate them. He doesn’t play with our two dogs who have invited him to. They are fine together out on a walk. But in view of this we would suggest Otis would prosper better as a single dog.
We have fed Otis raw food with dry kibble (Nature’s Way brand) in case the adopter chooses to feed her dry food and some raw meat.
Otis behaved well & in the same way when we all went away for a long weekend, with no increased anxiety symptoms.
According to the previous owners, Otis is good with children.
We believe he would benefit being with a person who is retired, or equivalent, who can give him mostly full time presence, due to his separation anxiety. Then Otis will be given the opportunity to develop in to being the proper dog he deserves to be.

Otis is neutered chipped vaccinated wormed and flead and adoption is subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption fee. Applications via forms section of website please.

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