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Welcome to our second Newsletter, we are planning to publish monthly.

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Admin Team

Sir Rumpole lover of Jammies

Foster Dogs





We are a team of 21 ladies all voluntary to help spaniels in need. We started in February 2015 and have been growing at an alarming rate. We have helped over 1500 dogs with approx. 90 dogs currently in foster homes being assessd.

Our Trustees: Nicola Kebbell, Allison Harmison, Julie Wright, Sheila Potticary, Natasha Gandy, Janice Prescott, Joanne Wildgoose, Carol Turner & myself Maxine Lower.

Our wonderful admin team: Maxine Smith, Chloe Lloyd, Hayley Clarke, Heidi Schuricht, Jane Horrocks, Jen Filby, Louise Harriman, Mair Fowler, Maria Leader, Maxien Hill, Sian Baybrook, Tina Wilde & Debbie Openshaw.


Facebook followers has grown over the month to 50224 from 48163 last month so a growth of 2061, we noticed a sudden jump in followers after our trade stand at Ardingly country show

We have 1966 followers on Twitter which is a growth of 171 followers

In September we had 49 dogs relinquished to us, we have approx. 90 dogs in foster assessment at any one time.

Donations and Fundraising:

We have had a crazy month raising funds for our dogs and we have sadly had a few needing in depth medical treatment and investigation including Wilma, Betty and Baxter after his failed counter surfing attempt!

Wonderful Wilma, I’m sure you have read her story on our main page, she is our wonderful dog that was found with a broken jaw and in an awful condition with infection and the need for 4″ of bone to be removed. We have now set up a page so you can follow her progress. We set up a just giving page as she will need extensive surgery and you amazing people raised an HUGE £5,500 thank you so so much this enables us to give her everything she needs. The amazing Sharon Harvey donated her a drying coat and Lou a made to measure collar, please find their links below and follow their pages.


I cant say it better than her fosterer so I will put her words here:

I don’t post much anymore about the dogs I’m fostering but this is Betty. She was used for breeding and became ill. A visit to the vets was delayed because she needed to feed the pups that were being sold for over £1000 each. Betty now doesn’t have long to live. She has an incurable liver condition that is ferocious. Her liver is beginning to shut down now, she can’t even eat normal dog food or treats because her body can’t cope with it. She weighs less than 6 kg. You can see her spine her ribs and her hip bones because she’s so thin. So please please when you go buy a puppy that is often crossed with something just remember the Betty’s of this world who have been used as cash cows to fund holidays while buyers are spending ridiculous amounts of money on what is basically a crossbreed


Well what can I say, take a young cocker, add adventure and colour him ginger and you get a twonk, Baxter arrived at his foster mums and attempted to surf the counter and had an epic fail! he fell off backwards and was non weight bearing so off to the vets…. several times and he has a non displaced growth plate fracture, a swollen hock which was infected and the result 6 weeks crate rest… This 6 weeks will feel like 6 years to his foster mum by the time he has finished as he is a little bit hyper and likes the sound of his own voice. The amount of brain training games this boy has been doing he is going to grow into a spaniel version of Stephen Hawkin. We are having to start a crowd fund to keep his foster mum in gin supplies.

This months fundraisers have been great fun please join our fundraising page where we are a little crazy and our in house nawty boy Sir Rumpole the Jammie Dodger thief has a large presence.


Betty’s raffle £150

Betty’s 2nd raffle £ 171

Betty’s auction £ 1802.70

Calendar photo competition £ 285.00

2 scratch cards £40

Wilma auction £711

Wilma Just Giving £5,500

Sale of liver cake at our stand £80 thank you Abi and Sarah

Raffle ticket for hampers donated by RFA security thank you £300

and the most epic Albert Spanners dad Stuart was sponsored to try and put on false magnetic eye lashes there where a few choice words on the video which can be found on the fundraising page above, this is really worth a watch be prepared to laugh! Stuart happen to innocently like the auction lot and well the rest is history they were purchased and sent to him with a letter from Wonderful Wilma. Thank you Stuart you are a great sport. This raised £200


We have raised just over £10,000 this month and we are so grateful as these vet bills keep mounting up. We really couldn’t do this without your support.

We have set up a Just Giving account, if you are planning anything from a cake sale to a marathon please start a fundraiser no matter how large or small an amount raised, it all makes a HUGE difference. Please also follow the link to read on of our supporters raising money for us

Sally night run


Admin Team

Over the next few newsletters we will give you an insight to who we are and what we do, apart from saving spaniels. So this month its Nicolas turn:

My Spaniel Aid Story by Nicola Kebbell

My SAUK story would never have happened if not for a lost dog, and starts a few years before SAUK did. One day I saw a poster in my local area regarding a dog that was missing after a walk.  I took a note and looked on the website when I got home.  That website was Dog Lost and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of missing and found dogs.  2 things struck me, why were the found dogs rarely matched with the missing ones and where did all these found dogs come from and more importantly where did they go.  I suddenly realised there were hundreds and hundreds of small local rescues all over the country with unpaid volunteers saving these dogs and finding them new homes.  Who knew?  Call me naive but I had no idea!  Fast forward a few months and a springer was found about 20 minutes from me.  He had been abandoned by travellers when they left a car park and was not in a good way and was so scared it took 2 weeks to catch him.  Being a “springer “ lady I followed his story and that of the lovely local rescue he went to and one day up came the post!  Sam was looking for his new home.  I had 2 springers then and really wasn’t looking for 3 but this boy was really calling to me so I applied, was successful and home he came J  My first real involvement in rescue. That got me thinking that I could do more to help. I could transport and homecheck and so I did. I kept going back to my spaniel passion and wanting to do something more specific for this breed so I approached spaniel rescues to help more with spaniels. At the same time I joined a fair few spaniel pages on facebook and along with others came to see that people were giving their dogs away for very little or even worse for free.  An idea was formed to start a page to warn people of the dangers and Spaniel Aid UK was born.  Not as a rescue, nor as a charity , both those would come later.  We just wanted to try to get people to use rescues for safety rather than facebook or gumtree and the like.  We had one issue, the existing  rescues were full and people started asking us to take the dogs.  Could we get a foster or 2 to help?  We were inundated.  And totally and utterly gobsmacked that people would trust us in this way. Fast forward 3 ½ years and we have 180 plus fosterers on our books , numerous homecheckers and transporters and dog number 1312 went on our database this morning.  We are a registered charity and have 8 trustees and 20 plus admin running the rescue on a daily basis.  We are all unpaid volunteers.  What next?  Well our next big plan is for premises. We need a base. Somewhere we can assess the more difficult dogs and somewhere the “unrehomable” dogs can live without the pressures of the real world.  Somewhere people can visit and we can have shows etc.  Watch this space. I still have my interest in lost and found dogs.  SAUK has a missing dog site called Lost Missing and Found Spaniels Nationwide UK.  All dogs that come in are scanned for chips and if there is even the slightest doubt that they may be a long term lost or stolen dog we always attempt to find an owner.  We have also used Dog Lost on more than one occasion when one of our foster dogs has gone walkabout.  Luckily they have all been found safe and well.  Seems we have come full circle


Well heres my little bit, although we all know this is why you cames here to see me Rumps, I been very good this month I didn’t do anyfink wrongs or is it did do? I get confuddled wells I only a dog… I may have to do some of Baxters brain training games!! nah cants see the points in that..

Anyways where was I? oh yes I is trying to get sponsorships from Mr Burton Biscuits cos I eat jammies and I love jammies and everyone sends them to me. Mr Burt can I call you Burt? please when your read this ping me… I know you will because we keep twatting your twits or is it twit your twatters… who knows..

So I been busy I have, Mummy put on a party at Ardingly for me and she called it a country game fair, I was very game for mischief… I had my own tent and a new flag with Spanny Aid on it I liked it that much I peed on it then I needed to do dodo’s so did it next to it. I also knocked all the gravy bones off the table and they went everywhere that was all before 9 am. I had lots of visitors and sniffed lots of winkys. My little people arrived with liver cake I like that I do, I means I REALLY like that ppfft mummy shut me away because I tried to steal it and pulled little person over in my attempts. We all had a good day and made people aware of the risks of rehoming a dog and that you may end up wif me.. actually I finks that’s wrong we make you aware of giving your dog away and that you shouldn’t buy puppies you should rehome and save your money for Jammie Dodgers… It was a bit windy on Saturday and my tent blew away it must of been windy cos I never managed to blow away a tent with my wind… Mummy stuck it back together with the next door mans sticky tape she said it was like Blue Peter, I haven’t met Blue Peter he must be new around here. I didn’t see daddy very much and mummy said he had to much funny water in the tent next door which was called Gin. I even got arrested but a lovely lady with a fluffy hat gaves me a big hug and brought me Jammies, I wonder if she was Mrs Jammie?

Anyways next stop is my Christmas treat bags and boxes which can be bought in the shop section and they have your name in it, I wonder if Blue Peter will buy one? each box also has a nawty tip for you as we need to keep up the nawty spanner name. Also our calendars are available

I’m off now as have jammies to eat and wind to blow Luv Sir Rumpole aged about 10 not to make 11 master of mischief and lover of Jammies….. if Mr Burt ever calls me!


Foster Dogs;

Each newsletter we will introduce you to some of our foster dogs and their stories.

I fostered Cracker In November 2015. I travelled to Frankley services on the M6 to pick him up and did the handover in the Services car park. Very dodgy! What a lovely dog he was – a beautiful rather large black and white 7 year old springer. I’m not sure about his history or why he was being rehomed. He was as good as gold in the car and the journey was very uneventful. Little did I realise the mayhem that was to follow! 😉

At the time my resident dog was Molly, a small and rather mature working cocker aged 13. The general rule for introducing a foster to a resident dog is to have the introduction take place on neutral ground. So we met at the local park. Introductions went well. Too well. 😍😍😍Cracker took rather a shine to Molly and immediately tried to hump her👎. Oh did I forget to mention that Cracker hadn’t been done! 😢

Anyway park introductions done, home we went, hoping that the initial attraction would soon fade. Absolutely no chance! Cracker was determined to hump Molly at every opportunity. OMG – I never thought this amount of humping would happen in my house.   Poor Molly was spade and well past the age of consent and I never thought for one moment that any foster dog would be remotely interested in her. How wrong was I. It never stopped. Molly was tiny and Cracker was a “big boy”. How could I stop him trying to get to her.?

Frantic help me phone calls to Admin – Janice and Julie. What can I do? Janice – Get him booked in for the snip at first opportunity – yes but that’s not till Tuesday. Julie – keep him on a lead while he’s in the house.

The first night we attached his lead to the spindles on the landing and placed his bed really close by thinking that would do the job! No chance.😉 I love Molly – I need to be near her. I need to hump her.   So separate rooms was the answer. I slept in one one room with Molly and John slept in another room with Cracker, Cracker had his lead on and John had the lead around his wrist all night long. Success. 😀😀 Ok – one day down – one day to go. Luckily, we can close off the kitchen if needed so Molly was safe until Cracker had his ‘op’.

Took him to the vets early morning on the Tuesday get his plums off.   “What – he’s 7 and still doing it. Well that’s learned behaviour the Vet said. You’ll never stop him doing that!l   OMG I thought – will it never end? Was there any point in getting him de-plummed?   We picked him up at tea time and he was a bit zonked out – he slept all night on a blanket in the lounge and he never showed any humping tendencies again!   He was with us for only 3 weeks but turned out to be a Fabulous dog. More commonly referred to in Spaniel Aid history as Cracker – the Frisky Love Rat🤣🤣🤣.



Foster Awards:

This months winners are:

Karen Milne, we would like to thank you for all your help and going above and beyond for us

Tina Kerr for some epic transport runs and supporting us with the fundraising

Elaine Vaughan for really trying so hard with your foster dog

THANK YOU and there is a little something in the post for you all.



Thank you Julie for finding this wonderful article for me.

If you still have to rehome your dog then please complete the surrender request on our website. This helps us when we call for a chat. PLEASE be honest, we need to know the truth about the circumstances so that we can make informed decisions. If your dog has bitten, tell us. Please also tell us of any medical issues, we won’t turn your dog down based on this, we would rather know in advance. Honestly- we won’t be shocked, we have heard it all before. If we know the truth we have the best chance of helping your dog in an appropriate foster home, and that is what we all want!

We are foster based, all foster and adoptive homes are home checked. We will explain more about how we work when we speak to you.



This space will be for all our dog shows and events. We are planning a few dog walks around the country and will pop the dates here and on our Facebook page, please check back.

Any doggy friends wanting find out more about spaniel Aid UK and how you can help why not come visit us at this event. Entrance by pre paid tickets

Links: our Facebook page. Our volunteer page where we post our homechecks and transport runs. Louise supports Spaniel Aid with every collar made please visit her page these collars are amazing and some wonderful colour combinations. Drying coats for spaniels, please also support Sharon as she also donates a huge amount from every sale. Smoocreations that donate so many items for our auctions

I hope you have enjoyed this edition, we will aim to grow from this and provide you with more information and articles in the months to come. Thank you all for your continued support, we really do appreciate everything that you do.

If you have anything you would like to add in the next edition then please send us an email at


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