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Welcome to our first Newsletter, we are planning to publish monthly.

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Foster Dogs

Admin Team


Fosterers Awards



We are a team of 21 ladies all voluntary to help spaniels in need. We started in February 2015 and have been growing at an alarming rate. We have helped over 1200 dogs with approx. 80 dogs currently in foster homes being assessd.

Our Trustees: Nicola Kebbell, Allison Harmison, Julie Wright, Sheila Potticary, Natasha Gandy, Janice Prescott, Joanne Wildgoose, Carol Turner & myself Maxine Lower.

Our wonderful admin team: Maxine Smith, Chloe Lloyd, Hayley Clarke, Heidi Schuricht, Jane Horrocks, Jen Filby, Louise Harriman, Mair Fowler, Maria Leader, Maxien Hill, Sian Baybrook.


We have 48,163 followers on Facebook in March this year we had 41,000 so a growth of over 7,000 in 6 months.

Since February 2015 we have had 128,850 hits on our website and 1795 followers on Twitter, we are currently having over 4,000 hits to our website per day with the most popular page being available dogs.

In August we have had over 40 dogs relinquished to us which is alarming, although equally we have rehomed the same.


Approx. figures for the month are you ready this is alarming:

Vet fees: £12,145

Adoption fees in: £8,470

You can see from the above figures why it is important for us to keep fundraising, we also rely on donations, if you feel you could donate please follow the link:



Foster Dogs;

Each newsletter we will introduce you to some of our foster dogs and their stories , I will start with one of  mine:

Sir Rumpole: Well he had to be the first, for those of you that follow the fundraising page you will know what a character he is with his passion for thieving food and his naughty ways. It has been said that he has his own personal Skype with all the foster dogs and passes on his knowledge and devious ways. So his story, he was found in a property with his deceased owner and that is the extent of what we know of his past. Rumpole was not chipped and no other family member knew anything about him so sadly he was sent to the pound, where he would not let the kennel staff anywhere near him, just stood at the back of his kennel growling. The fantastic lady at the kennel just knew there was a lovely dog there and contacted Spaniel Aid and we had the call who can go and grab him. I was the closest and actually only 10 mins away so in the car we go and grab Rumpole and keep him until a fosterer could be found as I was full. I was greeted with teeth and growls and from that moment I knew that boy was going NOWHERE! he is my kind of dog. The rest is history, he is now friendly and adores his bum scratch and stealing food….. He lives with me and my gang of quite a few and is centre of attention. He has his own little fan base and is know for his love of Jammie Dodgers and has even received vouchers from Mr Jammie himself.



Admin Team

Over the next few newsletters we will give you an insight to who we are and what we do, apart from saving spaniels. So this month I will start with myself and then start nagging the others for their write up.

I am married and very much an outside person, hate being indoors with a passion, I adore all animals and would prefer to be surrounded by them in the middle of nowhere than people…. hang on that’s what I do most days! I am a professional rider and farmer so either driving a tractor or riding a horse, both are bouncy, have their own minds and unpredictable. I work 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year and wouldn’t have it any other way, I hate having time to think, that is dangerous! One fosterer once said, she thought I was a housewife with loads of time on my hands to play with dogs, that really made me chuckle as you couldn’t get further from the truth. My dogs which are my children are, Bingo ESS aged 14 1/2 he is getting younger by the day, he still jumps on the sofa! Pickle 3 years ESS she is my shadow and comes everywhere with me and I mean everywhere, last night she was at a carnival! Nutmeg 4 years ESS a failed foster she came in with her leg at a right angle and needed the super vets intervention and has a metal leg not that you would know, she spends her days in the tractor with Simon. Rumpole he is a FF see above. Ed aka the little S*** he has been rehomed so may times but alas returned for his opinionated ways! so he stayed as a long term foster and will live out his days on the farm. Buddy he is my recent FF, I will save his story for another day, he is very nervous and ate me on day one needing A&E so of course I kept him. Then I have 2 GSD’s Nanny Mcphee she mothers them all and the wolf he eats everyone…. both GSD’s live at the farm where they are happiest. From left to right: Buddy Boo, Pickle, Nutmeg, Ed, Rumpole, Nanny McPhee.




This section will be for our fosterers to tell you of their experience as fosterers and its not always easy there can be ups and downs although we are always here to support you.

If you think you could foster for us please complete the form below, are main requirements are that you do not work full time, so there is someone with the foster dog and they are not left for more than 4 hours in a 24 hour period and that you do not have children under 5. Foster Application Form

Foster Awards:

This months winners are:

Jennifer & David King, thank you for being so helpful and being there for our older dogs, Rumpole would still like to come and live with you, maybe just on Sundays as he has heard that your bacon butties are 2nd to none

The gorgeous dogs at the Shuffly Shelter from left to right Ham, Monty, Charlie, Nelson & Bailey, looking very smart in their new purple bandanas.

Craig Ellis, Because he just doesn’t know how to say no! we beg and he takes in another, although Carol says its an award for the most forgetful!

For our third award this month is the wonder Helen & Alec Swanston, Helen keeps us informed with all the antics of our foster dogs in her care and never pressurises us to rehome them, also supports our fundraising. I have had many a chat with Helen at 9pm when a foster dog is doing something he shouldn’t!

THANK YOU and there is a little something in the post for you all.



Here is an article written by the lovely Julie,  this maybe helpful if you are in the sad position that you may have to surrender your dog to us:

We are sorry that you are in the position of having to consider finding a new home for your dog. We take dogs into foster for many reasons, circumstances can change and we understand that sometimes this is the best decision for the dog. Change in hours, allergies, an illness or death in the family, being made homeless, the dog biting are just a few examples. 

Before you contact us, here are a few things to consider;

Make sure you have considered all options. If your dog has a medical issue, discuss this with your vet. If your dog has a behavioural issue, firstly get a vet check (for example a dog which starts weeing in the house may have a urine infection) Then consider consulting a good behaviourist. It is important that you choose one who uses only kind methods, your vet may be able to recommend someone. Many issues can be solved or improved with a bit of expert help! 

Do you have a breeder’s contract- any good breeder will have a contract to say they will take a dog back at any point if you cannot keep them. 

If the issue is change in working hours, could you use a dog walker, or doggy day care? These can be options which mean your dog can stay with you. 

Do you have any trusted relatives or friends who would like to take your dog? We are regularly asked to take a dog into foster and make all the arrangements only to be told ‘My Auntie is having the dog’. This is a great result and we would be happy for you all but better to think of this first!  

Please be very wary of advertising your dog online, this is the reason Spaniel Aid began, to try to stop this happening because dogs can end up in very bad hands. Free To Good Home may seem like a good idea, because you want your dog to get a good home, and you aren’t worried about the money, but unscrupulous people look out for these adverts. 

PLEASE DO NOT EVER ABANDON YOUR DOG, you owe it to them to find them a good new home. We will help. 

If you still have to rehome your dog then please complete the surrender request on our website. This helps us when we call for a chat. PLEASE be honest, we need to know the truth about the circumstances so that we can make informed decisions. If your dog has bitten, tell us. Please also tell us of any medical issues, we won’t turn your dog down based on this, we would rather know in advance. Honestly- we won’t be shocked, we have heard it all before. If we know the truth we have the best chance of helping your dog in an appropriate foster home, and that is what we all want!

 We are foster based, all foster and adoptive homes are home checked. We will explain more about how we work when we speak to you.

Training Article

This article makes very good reading and so very true of reactive dogs, please take a moment to read.

Things I wish I could tell you, from the owner of a reactive dog



This space will be for all our dog shows and events. We are planning a few dog walks around the country and will pop the dates here and on our Facebook page, please check back.

One of our supporters is raising money for Spaniel Aid by running a night trail please support her

Also please visit our Fundraising page where we are currently raising funds for Betty and ex breeding bitch that needs extensive veterinary treatment

Links: our Facebook page. Our volunteer page where we post our homechecks and transport runs. Louise supports Spaniel Aid with every collar made please visit her page these collars are amazing and some wonderful colour combinations. Drying coats for spaniels, please also support Sharon as she also donates a huge amount from every sale. Smoocreations that donate so many items for our auctions

Click here for some of our most frequently ask questions:

I hope you have enjoyed this first edition, we will aim to grow from this and provide you with more information and articles in the months to come. Thank you all for your continued support, we really do appreciate everything that you do.

If you have anything you would like to add in the next edition then please send us an email at


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