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Apologies no nice Friday afternoon post this week. When Julie tagged us in these dogs post, she wrote…. I am lost for words.

Please welcome Paddy and Morag collected this morning. Cockerpoos aged 2 and 3 advertised a couple of days ago as £100 for the pair. A lady went to view them after being told the usual – good with kids, well socialised , in good health etc. As soon as she saw them she knew they were not for her but she had to take them and then ask for our help. So Morag had a litter of 11 puppies 7 weeks ago. She is thin, scared, grieving, starving hungry and has terrible diarroea. Paddy is rampantly trying to mount her although he is in better health. The puppies ? Oh they are still with the owner. Can’t sell puppies when the mum is with them looking sick can you after all? She did offer to take the 2 dogs back though. Oh yes. In a week when the puppies had sold. Well it is Christmas soon isn’t it so can’t spoil her spending money! So I hope you are reading this Mrs Backstreet breeder. We will take care of your dogs. We will register the chips, we will vaccinate and we will seek immediate vet care (already done) and neuter these dogs. You just enjoy spending your money. lets just hope that one of the knocks at your door isn’t HMRC or the local authority if you are on benefits though as we may, just may have passed on some details.

Please please please do not buy dogs from people like this! If you can’t see mum then there is something wrong. If you have to meet in a car park or layby then there is something wrong. This poor girl had a litter of 11. Cockerpoo’s sell for a minimum of £500 each. Even ones like this. Do the maths. That is a nice Christmas for someone. Not for these dogs who were used then thrown away like rubbish.



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Foster Carers Wanted, do you think you could foster for us? if you work less than 4 hours per day and don’t have children under 5 years then please complete a foster application form and one of our administration team will be in touch for an informal chat and go through the whole procedure, you may also join our ever growing fail foster club



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