Milo SA1363

Age: 11 Months
Breed: Cocker
Location: Mansfield Nottingham Please be aware you will need to travel twice to this location.
Adoption fee: £300


Other Dogs: Yes
OK as an only dog: No
Children: No
Cats: Yes
Other Pets: Not tested
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours
Behaviour Issues: Guarding, toys, beds etc, Nervous
Medical Issues: None

Milo would suit an active home with lots of stimulation, he would suit a home with another dog that can keep him engaged and where he can learn how to play, behave and keep him in check.
Milo likes routine and structure to his day. Milo is a loving dog that likes attention and responds better with someone who takes the time to build up his trust, he particularly likes cuddles and a little kiss.
Milos recall whilst out is a working progress, he needs clear and consistent boundaries set within a firm but fair manner, Milo has shown some ‘guarding’ behaviours to objects that he has taken that he shouldn’t really have, he can snap but he can be easily distracted with a ball, he just needs to be managed ! Milo can chew furniture when left although he does like chewy sticks and hooves which helps his need to chew.
Milo does not like people touching or holding his collar and this can cause him to become nervous and show warning signs such as curling his lip, we have tried to manage this by spending a large amount of time using rewards when applying his collar, we have kept a lead on Milo in the house whilst he is still learning the boundaries. Milo can become distressed when being left although settles within a crate fine during the day and at night.

Milo is neutered chipped vaccinated wormed and flead and adoption is subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption fee. Applications via forms section of website please

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