Max SA0717 – Reserved

Before applying for any of our dogs, please read the information carefully to be sure you chose the right dog for your home and family. Please note that we do not rehome a dog to a household with children under the age of 5 years old.

Age: 7 year
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Location: Stockport
Minimum Donation: £150

Children:Yes, over the age of 13 only
Other Dogs: No
Cats: No
Other Pets: No
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours a day
Behaviour Issues: Please read story below

Story: Sadly due to the ill health of his Dad to be Max aka Fat lad is now looking for a new home. He has done his own write up 🙄😂
Well Fozzermum has decided its time for me to leave and has asked me what kind of home I would like. So here goes.
Large luxury home with very comfy sofas and rugs. I like rugs. Sun terrace to spend my days on and a 50″ plasma screen so I can watch the footie. And no dogs. I dont like dogs, I just grumble at them in case they think they can nick me dinner!!
Home must be situated next to a butchers, or a pie shop. I am a celebrity food taster but dont like to travel too far.
Talking of food, for brekkie I like toast and butter with a fry up on the weekends as a treat. For dinner, sausages, burgers, bacon or pie. With chips. and for tea, steak and chips. And cheese for the occasional treat, like every 15 mins.
I quite enjoy a gentle stroll but I do like a day off every now and then which Fozzermum doesnt let me have! If you think you deserve having a celebrity in your life then please apply to Spaniel Aid UK. No fitness freaks need apply!!!!!
Please disregard the above, Max came to us at a whopping 34.5kg, grossly overweight and could barely stand. He has lost lots of weight (weigh in next week) and is getting fitter and fitter but still has a long way to go. He is currently on a low calorie food from the vets so please bear this in mind as an expense as he may have to stay on it for a while yet. He is currently doing about an hours exercise a day but has done 4 hours (although nearly had to carry him back).
Max is 8 years old, loves people but isn’t keen on dogs and just grumbles at them so probably should be an only dog. Older children only (as he may eat them) and no cats for same reason. His recall is fab (unless he skips back to the van for a kip). He is neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and flead. Adoption is subject to meet and greet, homecheck and donation of £150. Max is in foster in Stockport so if you would like this celebrity to join your family then please fill out an application form via forms here please.

Please ensure that you are aware of the location of the dog(s) you are applying for and that you are prepared to travel as required in order to adhere to our Adoption Procedure set below:

ADOPTION PROCEDURE. 1) Application 2) Chat with Admin 3) Chat with Foster Carer 4) Meet and Greet with all family members and your other dogs at fosters home 5) Homecheck 6) Adoption and Donation Payable. Applications via forms here please.