LouLou SA1096

Age 5 years
Breed: Springer/sprocker spaniel
Location Telford please be advised you will be required to travel twice to this location
Adoption fee: £250


Children: Yes
Cats: No
Other Dogs: Yes although better on her own
Other Pets: Not tested livestock but ok with horses
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours
Behaviour Issues None
Medical Issues None

Loulou is a very busy girl, she likes to spend her days sniffing and snuffling around indoors and outdoors. Her recall is great and she never goes far from the back door. She is looking for a country residence where she can explore and keep busy. She is used to horses and doesn’t chase them, but may woof when approached. She is happiest when she’s outside doing jobs with you. She will settle indoors once she has been out and worked off her energy, then she is happy to cuddle and be fussed or watch you do the ironing or washing up. She sleeps in the kitchen alone at night without any issues.
Lou is a lady who wants to be with you and doing. She gets on well with children especially outdoors playing games, she sits to be fed and walks on a lead. However, her relationship with cats is a little mixed. Depending on her mood, she may choose to chase a cat, but generally she has the good sense to leave them alone.
Lou has two issues: firstly, she is a very dominate lady, we have not had problems with our submissive dogs, but she does keep trying to dominate our more dominant male. So she needs to either be an only dog, which I think she would relish, as she can be your BFF, or with a very submissive dog who, once she has laid the law down to, she will ignore. She can be defensively aggressive in situations she finds stressful, such as car journeys to new places like the vets. In these situations she needs to be given time to make her own mind up and not rushed.
Her second issue is a little embarrassing. She has the occasional tiddle and poo in the house. She’s clean and dry overnight and when left in during the day. The accidents occur when she’s busy in the house and seems to forget to ask or go outside. With continuing praise for going outside and by ignoring the accidents, the number of incidents has reduced.
LouLou is a very loving girl, who will make an excellent companion.

Loulou is neutered chipped vaccinated wormed and flead and adoption is subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption fee. Apps via forms section of website please

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