Louis SA0878

LOUIS (SA0878)

Age: 4 Years
Breed: Springer Spaniel
Location:East Sussex TN7 Please be aware you will need to travel twice to this location.
Minimum Donation: £250

Children: Teenage plus
Other Dogs: Yes best with another dog
Cats: No
Other Pets: No to livestock
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours a day
Behaviour Issues: No recall
Medical issues:No, blood tested for urine due to weeing in the house although results all clear

Louis is back into foster after his new adopters had trouble with his house training, although since back in foster he is clean as he was before being adopted.
Louis is a lovely dog adoring all the attention and fuss, and is fantastic with the other dogs and enjoys their company, I would suggest he is homed with another dog for company. He is fine being left and not a peep from him overnight. We have been told by his previous owners that he has some toy aggression, therefor he doesn’t have any here and just tennis balls in the garden for playtime, they are then put away.
Louis does need work on recall, he has NONE and would be off across the fields in no time chasing birds etc, please be aware when applying that you will not be able to let him off a long line for some time. He will need regular training of 10+ minutes everyday and each time you go out, with high value treats, starting with when he comes towards you reward. We are happy to help you with this and have several tips and helpful hints. We feel that he would be better with another dog that has excellent recall as you may see two bottoms disappearing over the horizon! He will also need a very secure garden as he can climb fences. This boy needs to know you are the best person ever and he really wants to be with you all the time and not chase birds doing his own thing. Louis is not to be homed with cats or chickens as he pays far to much attention to them and he has killed chickens in the past. Due to his toy guarding we will equally not home him with young children, with the best will in the world they may leave a toy around and he could guard. He may take time to trust you, as when he was adopted he took himself off to hide, he has been fine in foster although I feel he has got his confidence from the other dogs who are all bold and love a cuddle.
Please don’t let this out you off, he is a great dog and once the recall has been taught he will reward you with love and be a gorgeous companion.

Louis is neuterd chipped vaccinate wormed and flead and adoption subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption donation. Applications via forms section of website please.