Jake SA1335

Age: 2 Years
Breed: Cocker
Location: Shrewsbury, Shropshire Please be aware you will need to travel twice to this location.
Adoption fee: £250


Other Dogs: Yes
OK as an only dog: No
Children: Yes teen plus
Cats: Yes
Other Pets: Jake has been exposed to Sheep, Cattle. Would not trust with Chickens as he has a high prey drive around Pheasants
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours
Behaviour Issues: Separation anxiety, Nervous
Medical Issues: None

Jake is a typical 2-year-old Working Cocker. Very bright and eager to learn. Does race around at speed and needs plenty of free running in a safe environment. Recall is now great and he is responding to the whistle beautifully. He is happy to settle down and snooze once he has had a good hour and a half or more racing around the woods and fields hunting, being a spaniel with the boys. And then been fed a real meat diet. As such, I feel he would benefit from a Spaniel/gun dog savvy home with fit and active people who will be able to give him regular DAILY exercise. Twice a day. Every day! He is so ready to be trained so if someone were to want to take him on a shoot, he could be trained quite quickly. He is keen and ready to learn. A very bright young dog who would also benefit from living with an older dog to guide him and take confidence from. I do not think he would do well as an only dog. He really enjoys the company of the other dogs in the house and has not been left alone since we brought him home as he gets too distressed but when I leave him with the others, he goes to bed and settles down beautifully. We have had some growling issues, he does not like to be told off but if handled properly, the issue goes away. getting better all the time. Has shown no sign of aggression to any other dogs he lives with or visit or any we meet when out. A great dog looking for the perfect forever family to give him what he needs.

Jake is not neutered on vets advise and will be rehomed with a contract to do so. He is chipped vaccinated wormed and flead and adoption is subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption fee. Applications via forms section of the website please.

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