Harvey SA1349

Age: 6 Years
Breed: Cocker
Location: Alfreton DE55 Please be aware you will need to travel twice to this location.
Adoption fee: £250


Other Dogs: Yes
OK as an only dog: Yes
Children: Yes teen plus
Cats: No
Other Pets: Has been in fields with horses with no problems but not tested with cows and sheep
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours
Behaviour Issues: Separation anxiety, Food aggression
Medical Issues: None

Harvey came to us as his owner was hospitalized he was being left in his home alone.

Harvey is absolutely gorgeous and his looks get him a long way but he does ideally need an experienced home that understands the needs and behaviours of a show Cocker!

His good points are that he is clean in the home, very affectionate (on his terms), fantastic recall and is food motivated which helps with training and once you have gained his trust, you will be able to leave him for up to 4 hours. He had quite bad separation anxiety when he arrived but this has improved considerably, particularly since his castration, which has settled him down a lot.
He loves being around our calm older Springer and often snuggles in next to him but our younger Breton is a bit much for him and whilst he does get on with him (as he does with all dogs), I think he would be just as happy on his own if his alternative is the Breton or a similar dog!

His niggly bits:
He is vocal (but most cockers are!) and he will let you know if he isn’t happy. This verges on mardy, sometimes he squeals before you have even done anything (the Vet also highlighted this issue when he was in for his castration!). He also hasn’t been exposed to much, so the TV can scare him and he can bark a bit to let you know he is scared. However, this has virtually gone in the time we’ve had him and whoever takes him will need to give Harvey time to settle in and allow his personality to come out.
He is stubborn as well but really his is looking for a strong leader and this settles him down no end.
Human food is an issue! He is fantastic with his dry food (morning and night) and as long as you don’t indulge him and give in to him wanting something else, he’ll snaffle it up willingly. The problem with human food is that he thinks he should get that as well! He will pester you if you are eating and snatch/steal it if it’s being waved around and this is why no young kids. Once he thinks it is his, i.e. you let him get too close, he will snarl at you to try and get it but again, firm boundaries and we’ve seen a reduction in this since his castration and we’ve not had a major incident since then.

His ears, he seems to produce a lot of wax in his ears and he will need this cleaning regularly (every other day ideally). He is now absolutely fine with the cleaning and if this is kept up, he should not require drops…which he is not so keen on!

I have put warts and all on this write up because he is one very very special dog that deserves a loving home of his own where he can get walked a couple of times a day, a nice simple routine and he is allowed to be Harvey. Considering his circumstances, every issue that he arrived with has settled down no end as he begins to trust his new family and be one of the team. Whoever gets Harvey as part of their family will be very lucky indeed.

Dee Dee is neutered chipped vaccinated wormed and flead and adoption is subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption fee. Applications via forms section of website please.

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