Bramble SA1048 – Reserved


Age 6 Years
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Location East Sussex TN7 Please be aware you will need to travel twice to this location.
Adoption fee: £250

Children: Yes teenage plus
Other Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes and no read below
Other Pets:Yes
Can be left alone: No more than 4 hours
Behaviour Issues: Please read his story
Medical Issues None

Bramble came to Spaniel Aid after he nipped a family member when they were removing a toy from him, although please read his story before judging him:

Bramble has lived for the last 6 years never leaving his garden, he was never walked, socialised with dogs or taken in a car and never went to the vets as the owner believed he needed neither vaccinations or flea & worm treatment as he never left the house! As you can imagine he was bored making his own entertainment, so he started to guard his toys, a simple solution would have been to remove toys and maybe even ask for help from a trainer/behaviourist. This was not to be as the easiest solution for them was to have him PTS.
A call from a lovely volunteer saw him heading towards “The Farm” within 24 hours of our initial call. A quick visit to the vets for vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and his manhood removed, then a much needed haircut as he had things living in him! Now we have a wonderful loving boy.

Bramble is loving the company of other dogs and loves to be around them, he shows not aggression with them even with food. He has seen from a distance the farm cats and didn’t react, though he has not been tested fully as they have left the farm for the summer to catch mice.

He has been in the car everyday since being in foster and just settles down straight away. His recall is fantastic and he is never far from your side, if you sit down on a walk he will be sitting next to you and demanding attention. He needs to learn to swim, he really wants to follow the others in but just isn’t quite brave enough.

Bramble has shown no food aggression whilst here and is happy for me to scratch him whilst he is eating.

Perfect? not quite, so her are Brambles little ways:
If he is on the sofa and you want him to get down he is fine as long as there is a reason to get down ie a treat. He does not like you pulling his collar and will warn you by crinkling his nose, his new adopter should be aware not to pull him by the collar at any time, if you need to remove him a slip lead is the way forward, although he is very easily persuaded by treats. I am happy to show his potential new owners what to do.
Bramble will also jump up and put his paws on the table or worktop, we have been working on this although as soon as your back is turned he will have a quick look, he cannot jump on the side so food needs to be pushed to the back.
Toys: we have seen no guarding since his arrival although toys are only allowed outdoors and this maybe a good starting point for his new home.
I would like to see Bramble rehomed with another dog, as he really likes their company. He did have some minor separation anxiety when you left he would bark for 5 minutes and then settle down but again now he knows his new routine he settles straight away and is much better now he is with other dogs for company.
Please apply if you feel you can offer Bramble lots of time and exercise and an experienced home. You will be rewarded with a fantastic boy although Please don’t drag him by the collar !

Bramble is neutered vaccinated chipped wormed and flead and adoption is subject to meet and greet homecheck and adoption fee. Applications via forms section of website please.